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Geographical location

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Geographical location
Landkarte Florida






Geographical location of Florida USA.

The Florida is a peninsula and the southernmost state of the mainland of the United States. Florida is located approximately at the geographic height of the Western Sahara in Africa. The state extends between the 24th and the 32nd Latitude which is predominant by the north-eastern trade winds.

At the height of the 30th Latitude the subtropical air mass meets with air from the temperate zones and large areas of low pressure can develop. When these low pressure areas start to rotate they may become a cyclone. The worst form of these cyclones is a hurricane.

Due to the subtropical location Florida has a relatively stable climate without great temperature changes. Most rain fall happens in the summer during the hurricane season and the showers are normally heavy and short. During the winter the weather remains mostly dry.

The neighbors of Florida at the northern and western border are the southern states of Georgia and Alabama. The nearest land mass in the south of the peninsula are the Caribbean islands of Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In the Atlantic east of Florida there are the Bahamas which you can visit in a day's journey by boat.




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